Tips | How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

12 June 2016

Having a good nights sleep is so crucial! I have recently been struggling to get them 'Zzzzz's' in, mainly due to stress and having an very busy schedule!

This is very common for most people, but there are a few tricks that i discovered that helped settle my mind and body before bed that i thought id share with you all..

The tips i have mentioned below are things you have to almost do religiously, not all the points I've mentioned here need to be carried out every a single day but even just doing one helps! Find a good routine that suites you! There are many causes for not being able to sleep well at night or not even at all, can be due to emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, as well as general daytime habits, lack of having a good routine and physical health problems can also have an impact. However, acknowledging the reasons for your tiredness is key, once you have established the cause you can then plan your routines better and find ways which suite you. 

I guess this is one of the most known tip to reduce issues such as stress, anxiety etc. Going to the gym or even having an hour workout at home is a key ingredient that can help you sleep better at night time. When your body has been active, you are more likely to feel more tired and ready to relax into a good sleep pretty easily. Regular exercise really help improve the quality of your sleep as well as really helping release any stress or anxiety held within. I find going to the gym and doing weight work outs really help me release any stress that i contain inside which ultimately will help me sleep better at night. I would recommend going to the gym or exercising at home at least 3-4 days a week. Start with 2 days if you feel your body can't handle it and increase the days as you start to feel better. Try and exercise in the late afternoon or evening, this will get your body ready to rest after a long day!

This is not something for everyone, but believe me you will never know until you try it. I have recently only just got into practising meditation and very much struggled at first, but i have been told that this is perfectly normal. It does take some mindfulness practice to create a good solid routine when it comes to meditation. I tend to do this on heavier days where I feel like i need to really release and relax. I find it really comforting, there are many YouTube videos you can listen to, whether its guided meditation or simply just meditation music. I always go for the guided meditation clips, primarily because I am yet to master the art of just completely relaxing just to the music. I find it helpful when i have someone in my ear guiding me into relaxation. The key here is to be able to relax in your thoughts and allow them to be there, not try to get rid of them but being able to be silent while they are there. Once practised you will be able to be calm in almost any situation, but like i said it takes a lot of focus, dedication, time and practice, you wont be sleeping beauty within a day!

My preference here is usually peppermint or mint tea. Peppermint tea is a natural herb that is known to help your muscles relax and help relieve anxiety or stress. Sipping a cup of mint or peppermint tea just before or just after you meditate has a really great overall benefit in helping you sleep better. Camomile tea is a very soothing tea to drink that has been proven to help reduce anxiety as well as relaxing your nerves and muscles too. Generally when we can't sleep its because we are tense, Camomile is know to be a mild sedative that helps you knock out in natural way! I find that drinking something warm before bed does really help, i do not do this everyday but particularly on the days that are in need of relaxation. 

My preference here is taking a warm shower. I find that after i come from the gym and shower it really helps me relax and unwind. A warm shower or bath will help initiate your body to feel more sleepy. This happens by increasing your bodies temperature and then decreasing it when you leave the shower. When your body temperature starts to reduce it naturally makes you feel tired and drowsy. For the bath lovers, i really want to recommend using a bath bomb or bath gel that will help you relax. I hear the Lush 'Twilight' bath bomb [here], is really great to help you sleep and is only £3.50! I'm yet to try it out! It contains a Lavender which is a key natural ingredient which helps sooth, calm your body and mind. When i try this out i will be sure to give it a review!

Not everyone will feel sleepy when reading a book. However, when i read after a few pages of immersing myself into the pages i find my body seeping into relaxation, this of course makes me feel more sleepy. Your eyes will naturally tire after reading a few pages because im sure they'd be exhausted after reading from left to right. The book i am reading at the moment is 'The Secret', i have had this book for years and it was actually a book my parents got and read. Its my second time reading it, the first time i read it was when i was a teenager (16-17ish) im now 24 so its been some time. It almost feels like im reading it again for the first time which i find refreshing! Its a great book and very well known too. You can buy it from Amazon [here] i will do a book review once i have finished reading it!

I light a candle every day when i get home. Its now become a thing. Not only does it make my room smell divine it instantly makes me feel relaxed. One of my favourite candles i have ever been given was one from Next called 'New York'. My mum bought this for me Christmas last year, the main reason why she got me this was because i went to New York in May lol. It smells sooo good, it is a white floral fragrance enriched with jasmine and orange-blossom. That sounds good just written down doesn't it,  trust me it smells even better! You can get this candle from Next [here], they also do the same 'New York' fragrance in diffusers too which i am yet to get my hands on. Another candle brand that i always turn to is Yankee Candle, simply due to the fact ALL their candles are amazing and last for hours! One of their candles that i used to help me sleep is their 'Lavender' candle [here] Lavender is proven to help you relax and unwind, i found this candle really soothing and definitely recommend it!


  1. I'm useless if I don't get a good night's sleep! Thankfully I don't usually struggle to sleep but when I do a good book usually does the trick :) Great tips!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. Nice blog. Have a sound sleep everyday my friend! And please continue doing your favourite activities. To get a good night's sleep, a person should be stressless.