Ted Baker | Isabellz Crosshatch Handbag

2 May 2016

So this beauty was a lovely gift... to myself lol! I actually caught my eyes on this handbag the during Christmas. I went in looking for some heels and ended up walking out with a handbag instead (as you do)..

This handbag was literally like a winner for me as soon as i placed my eyes on it. You know when you just know its the one? that was the feeling i got. Im not a splurger and will only buy something expensive if i feel that it is worth the money (and also that i can afford it lol) - but to me this was an instant, yes, i like it, i need it, you deserve it, lets have it, well worth it moment! 

Im loving the brand Ted Baker at the moment, after visiting their stores in Westfield and one in Birmingham i have fell in love with all their stuff. The first thing that struck me when i saw this bag is the shape. Super clean and very sturdy, i also absolutely love the rose gold detailing, it works so well with the black leather (aaahh total handbag crush!!)

I find this bag super sophisticated and sleek, the black textured leather holds the bag in such a structured way, by that i mean its doesn't flop and will always hold its shape. It also comes with a removable zipped clutch which is such a great add on, i can take this out as a clutch if i wanted to. It also comes with a very cute duster bag, which i havent used much as i use this bag as an everyday bag. Its still in almost perfect condition since i purchased it in December. The material is so strong and easy to clean. It goes perfectly with absolutely every outfit! Total winner!


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  1. I have the exact same bag, with rose gold detailing, I'm so bummed that the straps have been tearing apart and the thread is unravelling! So annoying. And its not even been year..

    Sam || Beautydetour