Makeup Revolution | Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

21 May 2016

I love love love.. golden based highlighters. Especially on my skin tone, it really glistens when it hits the light. I thought id do a review on one of my favourite powder based highlighters ever..
Before I go into the detail, the first thing I have to say is that this beauty is only £3.00! Yes, ONLY! You purchase Makeup Revolution from Superdrug or directly from their website. Not only is it so cheap it looks amazing on the skin! Affordable and gorgeous, this is such a winner for me! I purchased this during the beginning of the year, and I literally always pretty much go for this highlighter when I am going for a full face of makeup!

I love how shimmery this is, usually I don't like too much shimmer but I feel once I apply my desired amount it looks stunning! I love how this is so cheap and is actually a pretty big product. It will last a lifetime im sure! The packaging is very plain and simple which is nice and I love the cute baked waves it has engraved onto the powered. I would say that this highlighter is very much a soft golden to white tone when applied.

To apply this I usually use my fingers, or alternatively you can using a angled fan brush. The areas that I tend to use this particular highlighter are my brow bone, just above my brows, top of my cheeks, nose, and cupids bow. Be careful not to over do the highlighter, it is pretty pigmented start lightly and build to your desired look. I have also used this highlighter as an eye-shadow on many occasions either all over my lid or just in the inner corners of my eyes. It really makes the eyes pop!

I have not yet tried many of Makeup Revolutions products, but after trying this out i am keen to see what more they have to offer. If any of you lovelies have any product reviews on Makeup Revolution leave your links below :) 

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  1. This looks so beautiful, I love the wavey design as well! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours