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7 October 2015

Handbags, handbags...handbags, who doesn't love them? I'm really picky when it comes to buying a designer handbag and only own a couple of designer bags. But, recently i have been on the look out for a newbie to add to my collection...

Upon searching the internet high and low i came across a few beauties, some of which are somewhat affordable and some i think may stay on my wish list for a while, but i thought id share them with you all! 

Saint Laurent | Classic  Monogram SATCHEL in Powder Grain


RRP: £1,290
How gorgeous is this bag? I am so in love with majority of YSL bags, but this has defo got to be one that is on top of my wish list. Im a fan of shoulder bags, i think they are very elegant, this YSL one in particular is on of their classic and very popular bags. I am really loving this creamy colour, perfect to go with any outfit! But unfortunately for me, it is VERY expensive, will need to save save save!


RRP: £325

I really need a black bag in my collection. Something sophisticated and nice for work. I love the shape of this Kate Spade bag. They do various colours in this specific piece but the black really stands out to me. Its an elbow bag with a convertible cross-body strap and a zip enclosure. Not too pricey either, the cheapest so far on my list....hmmm tempting!

CHLOE | dREW mini textured shoulder bag in grey

RRP: £980

This is just another perfect little beauty. Made with a gorgeous grey textured leather with a beige suede interior, pin clasp fastening front flap and a cool gold knotted chain strap! This is little number is must have in my collection. Not overly pricey, i guess you pay for the brand. I love how elegant this would look!

Celine | Micro luggage handbag in multicolour bluehide

RRP: £2,000 

I love how much character this Celine bag has, for some reason i really like the mustardy yellow colours recently and i think it really compliments this piece well. I love all of Celine's bags they are sooo gorgeous, but this has gone to be one of my top favourites! Pricey but pretty!

givenchy | Antigona small patent leather python tote

GIVENCHY Antigona small patent leather and python tote (Black

RRP: £2,785

The most expensive of the bunch! I guess this is my dream bag to say the least, one id have to save up for a while! I love how classy this tote looks, especially loving the snake skin effect! One that will probably stay on my wish list for a lifetime. I can't ever imagine spending this much on a handbag, but hey a girl can wish.. unless someone wants to buy it for me :D


  1. my heart stopped at seeing these gorgeous and so absolutely unaffordable! hihihi..they'll haunt me in my dreams but I don't think I'll ever lay hands on one, sigh..
    You're right, girls can wish :)

  2. OMG that YSL one! All the heart eyed emoji's got to that one! ;)

  3. I adore that Kate Spade bag, the shape is just so lovely x

  4. I absolutely love that YSL bag. I would probably get it in black purely so it didn't get dirty though as I could see myself using it A LOT!! xxx

  5. Wow! All these bags look stunning <3 I like the Chloe one the best x

    Pink Frenzy

  6. My mom is just like you -- all about the handbags. I've never been big on them. I just want something cute to get the job done. You have great tastes, tho -- all those bags are beautiful!!!

  7. I love the Chloe one, it's so pretty! I can't see myself ever spending anywhere near this much on a handbag, though, I trash them so quickly haha!

    Jess xo

  8. I absolutely love the drew bag by Chloe :) I prefer Faye for my own style though :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes