Tips To Help You Revise

15 April 2015

tips to help you revise and study

Nothing is harder than staying focused when studying day in day out. My studying days are over thank god! But i know exactly how exhausting it can be to retain so much information especially if you are studying several subjects or topics...

My younger sister is currently studying for her A-Levels and she inspired me to write a blog post about what helped me through school/university.  I have to admit, at school i was terrible at learning, i gave up very quickly and found it very difficult to concentrate. As i got older, i realised how important it actually was to me to study and do something that i am actually good at and i always wanted to go to university. I then began to really push myself and the below key things helped me get to where i am today - Graduated and in a really good Marketing role which i love!

As exhausting as studying can get, it is really important to find ways to help yourself study and retain information in the best way that suites you. Everyone learns differently, whether this is by writing loads of notes up, working with a friend, using visuals? We are all different. Believe it or not it took me a while to figure out what works for me. You may have done this at school or university but there are quizes that can help you understand what type of learner you are...

I am a "Kinesthetic Learner" and i...

  • Focus on emotions and feelings.
  • Respond well to physical contact such as hugs.
  • Enjoy physical activities such as playing sport, doing yoga or dancing.
  • Learn in a “hands-on” way (experimentation, building, creating).
  • Use phrases like:  “I feel“, “I can grasp that”, “I can’t handle it!”
This is actually very me!!

Click here to take the quiz. Let me know what your learning style is?

So, without further a do. Here are 5 key things to help you study!

Create a study time table

This has got to be the 1st and most important steps. PLAN PLAN PLAN! Create a timetable in excel or word. Plan each day, what day your going to study what and how long you are going to spend on it which could be a few hours or a whole dedicated day. It really depends on what you are studying. Make sure, in your time table that you give yourself breaks, to eat and to just relax and refresh your mind. It is really important to give your mind a rest. If you spend too much time cramming in information you will find after a few hours you probably wont remember much. So, remember to give yourself time to eat, drink plenty of water through the entire day and most importantly STICK to your time table as much as you can. Make it realistic and achievable!

Use flash cards 

This is actually a tip my younger sister told me about and i think it is really great. If you can get your hands on some card or you can even use paper. Write or print on one side a key word or topic. On the other side write out the description and key things you will need to remember about this key word. This tip is really good as you can test yourself, or get someone else to test you. Lay them out on a table, pick one up and try to explain it without turning it over. Do this over and over again, its almost like a fun game you could do this with some friends who are studying the same subject as you. Before you know it you will not only memorize key things but also for those of you who are great visual learners you will actually be able to picture the flash card in your mind with all the information on it.

Pin key words/sentences on your wall 

This falls in very similar to flash cards, except you could have a big brainstorm pinned or blue tacked on your wall. Key words, sentences, definitions as well other key things you have to remember. Pin them on your wall or even your fridge. Everyday go through each and every bit you have put up. Every morning when you wake up, read through it and everyday you go to bed. i wish i still had a picture of how my wall looked, it was covered with key things i needed to remember and my god it helped me so much! Make sure to keep them on your wall right the way up to your exam. Soon enough you will actually memorise what is on your wall yourself its like magic!!

Get together with a friend and test each other

This literally was the BEST tools for me at uni. I used to work with my dear friend Nimi when studying. We would hire out study rooms and be in there all day. Scribbling on the board and testing each other. Nothing is more helpful than working with another person - because if you don't understand something and they do, chances are they will be able to teach you pretty quickly! And if neither one of you understand, chances are you will both figure it out while discussing it. Believe me, this was one of the reasons why i actually achieved what i did at uni. Scribble on a white board or paper key things, sit with your friend and test each other. I remember in my exams actually picturing exactly the notes we had on our board. One thing i must say, it is much easier to just work with one other person when doing this, i found working with too many people caused my concentration to float away into lala land. So, get together with someone you know is focused and just as motivated and you will for sure see results!

Listen to study music!

I know this sounds really strange, but while i was at University i used to listen to some strange but AMAZING study music and all my friends used to think i was just as strange haha but it really worked for me and literally blocked everything out. 

Click here to listen to the one i used to always listen too weird right??? This track literally zoned me out and helped me focus on writing assignments and studying for exams. It really helps eliminate any noise in the room and really helps you think. 

At first, this can be very strange and slightly irritating but stick with it and within literally 20-minutes you will find yourself completely zoned out and and focused into your work. Alpa BiNaural beats is actually scientifically prove to awaken your brain in order to improve your focus and concentration. The beats are played in similar frequencies in each ear (i recommend you use headphones) this helps better memory retention and higher focus, concentration and understanding.

tips to help you study
Images from my revision days at university 
tips to help you study

tips to help you study

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and i hope i have inspired new ways to help those of you who are either at school or university. These tips may not work as they did for me, as i said it depends on what type of learner you are :) please let me know below what helps you study?


  1. great tips on studying. It's been awhile since I've done it for school, but I definitely do it for my business!

  2. I am so glad I no longer have to revise! Some great tips and good luck in your exams xxxx

    1. Thank you Naffy :) i finished studying last year :) Graduated already! But my sister and many friends are studying still so i thought id share a post on what helped me :)

  3. Great tips! although I'm glad I don't need to revise anymore I always used to be rubbish at it.


  4. I'm years out of college as well, but I do remember those long nights staring at my notes for exam day. What helps me is repetition. I would read through my notes extensively, then read them again, making sure to focus on key parts. I'd do that for a few nights, until I can recall these points off the top of my head. Then I knew I was ready. I graduated with a 3.7 so it definitely worked!

    1. Yes repetition is great - i literally spend days and nights writing on a white board reading over and over until it stuck! But it worked to the point i could actually picture the white board in my exams haha :) xx

  5. It has been years since I have studied, but hopefully I can try these tips out on September when I start school x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. I hope they help you! Good luck :) xx

  6. Great tips lovely, I'm so glad my studying days are over! :D xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  7. Ahh great tips! I have a few exams and deadlines coming up :s

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    1. Aww well i hope these tips help you and good luck with your exams :) xxx