Tips | How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

12 June 2016

Having a good nights sleep is so crucial! I have recently been struggling to get them 'Zzzzz's' in, mainly due to stress and having an very busy schedule!

Makeup Revolution | Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

21 May 2016

I love love love.. golden based highlighters. Especially on my skin tone, it really glistens when it hits the light. I thought id do a review on one of my favourite powder based highlighters ever..

Ted Baker | Isabellz Crosshatch Handbag

2 May 2016

So this beauty was a lovely gift... to myself lol! I actually caught my eyes on this handbag the during Christmas. I went in looking for some heels and ended up walking out with a handbag instead (as you do)..

Pixi Rose Oil Blend

25 April 2016

Pixi Rose Oil Blend
I must admit, there has been a lot of love in my skincare drawer for Pixi Skin treats lately. I cant get over how amazing the products are. The Rose Oil Blend is one of my newbies. 

Marc Jacobs | Daisy Dream Forever Perfume

29 March 2016

Daisy Dream Forever
Marc Jacobs is my absolute favourite perfume brand. Each and everyone of his perfumes are to die for. I have 4 of them already! I thought id do a review on the new 'Daisy Dream Forever' i got this as a Christmas gift from my lovely auntie.

EOS Lip Balm | Pomegranate Raspberry

18 March 2016

EOS Lip BalmSo i guess you can say i am a little late to jump on this bandwagon! I have had my eye on purchasing the EOS balm for some time. After online shopping on and going back and fourth on which flavour i should choose i finally took the plunge.